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Glenn Beck announces good news for animal masseuses and boxing announcers in Washington state

Glenn Beck
A Golden Labrador is treated with canine massage therapy by a specialist, for an injury to his shoulder. (BigshotD3/gettyimages)

There's good news in the offing for many professionals in Washington state, radio host Glenn Beck reported Wednesday. According to the host of the nationally syndicated "Glenn Beck Radio Program," several occupations in the Evergreen State will soon no longer require a license.

"If you're an animal masseuse, an auctioneer, a boxing announcer, a fishing guide, a landscape architect, manicurist or horse floater," Beck said, "Washington is deciding now in the Washington House of Representatives ... those occupations are targeted for de-licensing."

Co-host Stu Burguiere said that he found it ridiculous that an animal masseuse or a boxing announcer, until this decision, needed to have a license.

"So you can announce football or baseball without a license, but for boxing, you gotta have a license," he said. "It's really important. Will you know if it's the right hand — or the left hand? You gotta tell, take the test and let us know."

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