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Glenn listens to caller's stories of how serving others changed their lives

Glenn Beck
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Glenn Beck invited people from around the country to share their thoughts and concerns on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

A caller in Virginia talked about the role of the church community in helping those in need and his family's experiences in disaster relief work. Jim said he had been focusing on charitable giving and helping people in need, something that is up to people to do themselves instead of depending on the government.

“Years ago, the church did most of that work, and the government has taken that away from us,” he said.

Jim talked about how he views charitable giving and lending a hand to those in need. He feels as if he benefits just as much if not more when he helps people, he told Glenn.

“They don’t realize that it’s kind of selfish on my part because I feel like I’m getting more out of it than they are,” he said.

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