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Glenn on the US conflict with North Korea: 'Neither side can back down

Glenn Beck
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What’s happening with North Korea, and how should the U.S. respond? Glenn Beck talked about the latest missile test from Kim Jong Un on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” saying, “This is far more grave than anything I have seen in my lifetime.”

North Korea appears to be prioritizing testing their missile technology over testing nuclear weapons. Glenn wondered if the reason is because their nuclear weapons are ready to go. Because North Korea is technologically inferior and works underground, we would have to place people physically in the country to spy and find out what’s happening.

Russia and China immediately responded to the tests yesterday to tell the U.S. and South Korea to stop testing in exchange for North Korea supposedly stopping their nuclear program. But since North Korea already has nuclear weapons, shuttering the program would be a meaningless gesture.

“Neither side can back down, and the world is now preparing for what comes next,” Glenn said.

President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning about trade between China and North Korea growing, saying, “So much for China working with us – but we had to give it a try!”

“If you read between the lines, this tweet looks like a justification,” Glenn said. The tweet appeared to indicate to the world that the U.S. has exhausted diplomatic measures and needs to use military force to respond to North Korea.

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