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Glenn shares about a recent health scare and why the American health care system is the greatest

Glenn Beck
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On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" on Wednesday, Glenn Beck shared a recent health scare with his wife, Tania Beck, and how thankful he is for the American health care system.

According to Beck, Tania had been suffering from a toothache. She had already been to the dentist, but, by Friday, the pain was now "blinding," which prompted Glenn to urge her to go to a neurologist. Amazingly, by 6 p.m. that same day, she was able to be seen.

"If we she were in Canada, she wouldn't have even seen the dentist, let alone a neurologist," Beck said.

Pat Gray pointed out that had she been in Canada, it would've been six weeks to six months before she would've been seen and went on to ask if the problem has been resolved.

"She's going in for some more testing. They think they know what it is. It's a pretty nasty... nerve problem," Glenn reported, adding that the issue dealt with the nerve that controls the pain center.

"It makes the point because you know what? Everyone in Canada has health insurance. They're all insured," added Stu Burguiere. "What does that mean if your insurance leads to multiple months of waiting before an appointment for something serious? Who cares if you have health insurance at that point?"

"If it would have been a tumor — I mean can you imagine [waiting] three to six months before she could get in? To see a doctor and to see if it was a tumor or not. It's craziness," Glenn argued.

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