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Glenn's newspaper headlines from 1942 demonstrates what fighting a war to win looks like

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On Wednesday's "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher traced back through history to point out what has been done in the name of progress. Glenn begins with a vampire hunting kit, causing Pat to wonder how many "vampires" were killed with it.

"None," stated Glenn, succinctly. "Look how far we've come, I mean, to where we would believe in vampires and then I realized — wow we really haven't come that far, have we? We haven't really made it [far] on the truth front."

He then referenced a newspaper from November 5, 1942 he had recently acquired and quickly ran through the headlines which covered, among many things, military engagements on multiple continents, death sentences for treason, and, mentioned for the first time in any publication, the atrocities of Auschwitz.

"We've been at war for 17 years, 16 years," Glenn said, referring to current military operations. He juxtaposed that with how we engaged the enemy in WWII: "We wiped out two giant ideologies — National Socialism, and one that was just as dangerous in Japan. We wiped them out in four years. This is what life looks like when your country is serious about fighting an enemy and stomping it out," he added, referring to the newspaper headlines he had previously read.

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