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Green energy can lead to dire consequences if not planned carefully


Americans say that they'd like to transition to green energy, but most people also imagine that solar and wind energy is free, forgetting about the infrastructure needed to harness and disseminate that energy.

Dan Kish, senior vice president of policy for the Institute for Energy Research, told Jacki Daily on this weekend's "Jacki Daily Show" that the term "energy poverty" refers to spending ten percent or more of a resident's household income on energy costs. This applies especially to green tech, because it has inflated the average energy bill of persons in Germany to three times what people pay in the United States.

He warned that implementing green energy measures before they are cost effective can actually lead to dire consequences. Jacki cited a report that 40,000 people died in Europe in recent years because they could not afford to pay their electric bills. People who live in energy poverty have to make hard choices between food and heat. In some cases, people have heated their homes with an open gas oven, which lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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