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Harvey has put even more of a strain on this debt-ridden federally subsidized program

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Congress is currently trying to keep the National Flood Insurance Program going through September 30 in order to provide assistance to the victims of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey. Bipartisan efforts to keep the debt-riddenNFIP afloat are especially urgent now that so many Texans may require its assistance.

The federal program was created in 1968 to help those in mostly coastal areas that are prone to flooding. The cost to insure such areas can be prohibitive, so the program protects property owners in such places " in return for local government commitment to sound floodplain management and related flood disaster mitigation efforts," according to the NFIP services website.

Federally subsidized flood insurance is typically purchased by affluent coastal home owners, not the poor, according to a Forbes commentary. Only 15 percent of the homes in Harris County, which was profoundly affected by Harvey, have any flood insurance.

Yaron Brook said on "The Yaron Brook Show" that we cannot ask people to move out of disaster-prone areas, but he feels people who make that choice should "bear the risk." He described Americans as possessing an altruistic morality that compels them to take care of people.

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