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Health care coverage will not prevent death

Chris Salcedo
utah778 / Getty Images

Kevin Jackson, syndicated radio talk show host, FOX News contributor, and author of "Race Pimping" joined Chris Salcedo today on "The Chris Salcedo Show." They discussed the House's passage of the health care bill yesterday and various reactions to it.

Jackson reported on Twitter efforts to draw attention to the good Obamacare has done, but only several thousand users participated. He wondered where the 24 million who were meant to be helped by the program are. He talked about people he knows personally and in his own family who lost coverage because Obamacare went into effect.

The author said the American people want to be able to pick the health care coverage that works best for them. He also pointed out that whether someone has insurance or not, they will still get treated regardless of ability to pay for catastrophic emergencies thanks to laws in place long before the Affordable Health Care Act.

Jackson also drew attention to the fear tactics of the Left who want everyone to feel like something "could happen tomorrow," to which he agreed: "It could!" and "We're all gonna die" -- an eventuality no law or entitlement can circumvent.

Chris replied "I didn't know that having socialism prevents death. That's news to me."

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