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Here are some of the alarmist movements history proved untrue. Will global warming be another?

Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

At least twenty-six different alarmist movements in history have been debunked simply by the passage of time. From Malthus' 1798 theories on population growth and famine to 2008's belief that cell phone towers cause cancer, many scares have simply turned out to be unwarranted.

Now California Governor Jerry Brown implies humanity depends on raising the price of gas again, saying in a speech after voting for more global-warming mitigating legislation, "Tonight, California stood tall and, once again, boldly confronted the existential threat of our time.”

"Humanity depends on Western civilization," Mike Slater countered on this weekend's "Mike Slater Show." The Western world now makes up only 20 percent of world's population, he reported, but the left has decided to hamstring it further by buying into climate change hysteria.

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