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Here’s how our appetites for food, sex and money work

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin used ancient Jewish wisdom to explain the three biggest human appetites: food, sex and money.

He explained the importance of knowing how these appetites work:

“If we human beings were just souls and not bodies, well then, there would be no crime, there’d be no corruption, there’d be no warfare. There wouldn’t be any of the problems that we have in society. But we are created with bodies and that means that we have a number of different appetites.”

Food is the simplest appetite in that people normally eat a meal and then are satisfied and don’t want any more to eat.

“It can correctly be said about the appetite for food that the less you have, the more you want it, and the more you have, the less you want it,” Rabbi Lapin described this particular appetite. “Pretty straightforward.”

The appetites for sex and money tend to be more complex since having sex fuels the desire to have sex more often and making a lot of money rarely results in satisfaction.

“The more you have, the more you want,” Rabbi Lapin said of the appetite for money.

If we don’t understand how our appetites function, we won’t be able to change society for the better.

“We really need to understand how the world really works,” Rabbi Lapin said.

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