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Here’s why this Indiana dad got a ticket for protecting his son

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Parents will do a lot to protect their kids — but in today’s society, they might get in trouble with the law.

That’s what happened to local dad James McDaniel of Indianapolis, who told Fox59 that he got a ticket for protecting his 4-year-old son from an angry, aggressive goose.

Jeffy Fisher had the story on this week’s “The Jeff Fisher Show.” McDaniel said a Canada goose started chasing his son, so he gave the goose a whack with a plastic Wiffle ball bat. “So I swing one time, he [the goose] kind of topples over, I grab my son… and I ran across the street,” McDaniel told Fox59.

But witnesses apparently went into protective overdrive on behalf of the goose instead of the child, calling authorities to claim that McDaniel had hit the goose three times. Marion County Animal Services gave the dad a ticket for supposed “animal cruelty,” and the goose was taken to a local veterinarian for care.

“Gooses is mean,” Jeffy summed it up. He wondered why on earth someone’s first reaction to seeing a small child attacked by a goose is to call the authorities. “I would say, 'Is the bird still alive? Yes? Then you didn’t swing at it enough,'” he said.

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