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House delays vote on the latest health care reform bill

Chris Salcedo
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The House has decided once again not to vote on health care reform this week. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis) said in a press conference yesterday that he does not feel bound by an artificial deadline and will wait until Republicans have enough votes to enact their proposed changes.

When asked if some Republicans are avoiding voting for fear of losing their House seats, Ryan replied, "We promised that we would do this. If you violate your promise, if you commit the sin of hypocrisy in politics, that's the greater risk to a person's seat."

On "The Chris Salcedo Show" today, Chris Salcedo covered the latest drama with the quest for health care reform. One of the problems from his perspective is that the delayed vote isn't even for a full repeal, but merely to amend Obamacare. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) of the conservative House Freedom Caucus revealed on Wednesday that they are willing to vote for the amendment, which gives states a waiver option to avoid some Obamacare requirements. Chris was very unimpressed and wondered:

"That's the best the GOP can do with control over the House of Representatives?"

He believes Charles Krauthammer has the right idea with his suggestion that the GOP ought to send a full repeal and replace proposal to the Senate and dare vulnerable Democrats to filibuster.

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