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Is Ted Cruz now like this 'slimeball' politician for endorsing Trump?

Lawrence Jones
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Most people might be surprised to hear anyone comparing Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to New Jersey's not-so-beloved Governor Chris Christie, but Lawrence Jones took issue with Cruz' seeming change of heart on President Donald Trump on this weekend's "Lawrence Jones Show."

Christie is being roundly mocked in the news for stating the president was welcome to visit his gubernatorial beach house on the Jersey shore during his vacation. This is the same home where "Beachgate" took place; the governor was enjoying the shore on the weekend before July 4 while a New Jersey government shut down kept everyone else off.

Jones was most turned off by Cruz' seeming reversal of his principles. He was disappointed that, in his estimation, he's basically the same as every other politician.

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