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Israel reopens the border area near the Syrian conflict region


- The Israeli Army has just reopened the area of the Golan Heights bordering Syria that had been closed off to civilians for security concerns.

- The fallout from the Israeli government’s decision to freeze progress on an egalitarian prayer site at the Western Wall is escalating. The United States ambassador to Israel calls for ‘Jewish unity, mutual respect.’

- A series of ransomware cyber-attacks have just hit some major installations across the U.S. and Europe. The Israeli prime minister and Shin Bet show off their plan to counter cyber threats.

- Yana Blachman, cyber security analyst with Cybereason spoke at the ILTV studio about the growing cyber threat and Israel's role in combating the rise in cyber-attacks.

- The U.S. State Department is forcefully rejecting rumors that President Donald Trump is having second thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

- The Palestinian Authority's decision to withhold medical aid to the Gaza Strip may have resulted in the deaths of three infants in the area over the last 24 hours. Hamas is holding the Palestinian president responsible.

- A three-way collision on a West Bank highway has killed seven people when a Palestinian mini-bus, an Israeli bus, and a Palestinian car collided on route 60.

- Parents of sick children being treated at a Jerusalem hospital have taken to the streets to block it with hospital beds because of an ongoing issue between doctors at the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in the hemato-oncology ward and the hospital management.

- Massive swarms of Mediterranean jellyfish have been threatening to clog the pipes of Israel's major power stations that uses a regular intake of seawater to keep its system cool.

- Joel Goldstein, creative and marketing lead at Dapulse spoke at the ILTV studio about Israeli start up Dapulse that has come up with a creative new solution to help multinational companies better communicate, making them more efficient.

- American professor Ari Nagel, known in the American press as 'the Sperminator,' came to Israel. He’s fathered at least 26 children through his sperm donations, and now he’s making a donation for an Israeli woman who wants his sperm as a backup.

- Britney Spears is fighting back after allegations that she will be relying on playbacks during her show and won’t be singing live at her upcoming concert in Israel.

The Hebrew word of the day is ZIYUF, written זיוף, which means "fake/forgery."

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