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Language is now being changed to indicate gender is merely 'assigned' at birth

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Two citizens of the United Arab Emirates who were born female but now call themselves men are making a case to change state records to reflect their transgender identities.

On Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson and the guys took a look at the Reuters report on the story. The two plaintiffs in the case are both in their 20s and underwent hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery in Europe. They now want their genders and names changed on state records, according to Reuters.

Doc pointed out how much political correctness has infiltrated our everyday language. In the report, the two individuals are described as having been “assigned female at birth.” Is that really how it works?

“It’s all random you know … the wheel is spinning and ‘oh you got female,’” Doc said sarcastically.

The politically correct way to talk about gender is to pretend that babies are born genderless and some bureaucrat decides if they’re a boy or a girl. Doc noted that even when people talk about a full sex change operation, the clinical phrase is “gender reassignment surgery,” as if a mistake was made in the paperwork.

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