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League of Women Voters President claims new Texas voter ID bill will harm eligible voters

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Chris Salcedo invited Elaine Wiant, president of the Texas League of Women Voters, to "The Chris Salcedo Show" today to explain why she finds the new Texas voter ID bill unnecessary and harmful.

Wiant agrees that ineligible people shouldn't vote, but argued that rather than improve the integrity of our elections, voter ID laws exclude the elderly, young people, the poor, and veterans.

Using young people as an example, she said many don't have drivers licenses, and the bill has a very restricted list of accepted IDs. Many young people use college IDs or employee IDs, which she said will not count under SB5.

She said that although voter IDs are free, the underlying documents needed to obtain them are usually time consuming to obtain. Many potential voters would need to take time off work to get them, and "if you're poor, it's expensive."

Wiant believed the prior system utilizing voter registration cards was adequate, although those did not have pictures on them. She said if Texas wants to add a photo ID to stem what she perceives as a "single digit" amount of voter impersonation, the acceptable picture ID list should be expanded.

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