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Let's insult people for watching football and mixed martial arts

Buck Sexton
(ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Buck Sexton is joined by libertarian and editor-at-large of Reason magazine Matt Welch to discuss his "hot take" on some current events. Buck asks him specifically about his thoughts on the Golden Globes.

"They only allowed the dead people segment to cover two actors. That's really disappointing in a year that we had such a rich amount of deaths," Matt explains.

Matt tells us he was prepared to mourn the likes of David Bowie or Prince, but the Golden Globes memorial only focused on Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. He also weighs in on the infamous speech Meryl Streep directed at President-elect Donald Trump.

"What do you do? Let's insult people for watching football and mixed martial arts," Matt says. "It can't possibly be less persuasive or less useful as a critique of Donald Trump — if in fact your goal here is to do something about the thing you're expressing and signaling your distaste for."

Buck loves the fact that these people refer to themselves as outsiders: "If being an outsider means you get a $15 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, I'll be an outsider all day, man. Sign me up. I want that beach house in Malibu as an outsider."

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