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Listen: ‘Celebrity vegan activist’ slammed interviewer who dared to eat a ‘pig’s body’ sandwich

lucamontevecchi / YouTube

Australian vegan activist Joey Carbstrong slammed meat-eaters and his BBC interviewer when he spotted a ham sandwich on the table.

Reaming out broadcaster Jeremy Vine in a recent appearance on his radio show, Carbstrong said that “ham” is a euphemism that we should stop using – it’s actually “body of an animal that didn’t want to die.”

Carbstrong, whose real name is Joey Armstrong, calls himself a “vegan educator” and has made it his mission to convert meat eaters to veganism. He uses social media to spread his pro-vegan views, including the controversial take that “a dairy farmer is akin to a rapist” because of how dairy cows are treated.

OK, so a “body of an animal that didn’t want to die” sandwich. You want that on rye? Toasted? Doc reminded everyone that vegans are automatically activists on today’s show.

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