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Listen: Joy Villa explains why she filed a sexual assault report against this former Trump aide

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Singer Joy Villa shared her story on today’s show about being inappropriately touched and slapped by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. She says that he slapped her on the backside twice while being “drunk and boorish” at an event last month to commemorate the anniversary of the 2016 election.

Villa has filed a police report that is currently under investigation accusing Lewandowski of striking her twice at a party in the Trump Hotel on Nov. 28. The pair took a photo together that Villa recently shared on Twitter along with a Politico report about the incident.

The famously pro-Trump singer, who is eyeing a potential congressional run in Florida, said she decided to go on the record and file the police report after Politico reached out to her about the story.

“Villa did not reach out to POLITICO, but agreed to tell her story on the record after another eyewitness described the incident to a reporter,” Politico wrote of the incident.

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