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Listen: So, you're a conservative who wants to send your kid to college

Pat Gray Unleashed
CAMBRIDGE, MA - SEPTEMBER 12: Students enter the Admissions Building on the campus of Harvard University September 12, 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard has announced that it will end early admissions next year, citing criticism that it favors wealthier students and hinders those seeking financial aid since the deadlines for aid are much later. (Photo by Glen Cooper/Getty Images)

So, you're a conservative who wants to send your kid to college ... where do you send them? What options are left these days? There's a sick sector of our society that is teaching millennials to hate baby boomers.

We know that liberalism has infected nearly every aspect of society, especially our classrooms and our kids. They're confused about gender, relationships, and religion -- hell, they don't even know what means be an American right now. There was a quote on Facebook the other day that read, "A generation taught to hate the country will refuse to defend it as well." Let. That. Sink. In.

What can you do as a parent if your child's dream is to attend one of these great (but hardcore liberal) colleges? How do you keep American ideas the center of your family without sheltering them; without subjecting them to progressive, Marxists, and socialist ideas? It's hard, right? One parent called Pat on Wednesday to ask where she should send her kid to school and the answers were disappointing.

Hell, we're just as stumped as you with this. Have you run into this dilemma?

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