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Man offended by cross on Christmas tree claims it caused him irreparable harm


Pat Gray reminds us that it's that time of year again for the ACLU of Indianapolis to sue a town because it has a cross on top of its Christmas tree. The suit is being filed by a Joseph Thompkins who takes issue with the cross being present on top of the tree because it "violates that sacred separation between church and state."

"Oh good, good, because we have to have that separation of church and state," Stu Burguiere says mockingly.

"Joseph filed the dispute on Thursday because he was forced to come into unwelcome contact with the display, causing him irreparable harm," Pat announces.

Following that report, Stu asks, "He was forced? Did somebody tie him up and bring him to it and put him on a lift and lift him up and put him directly into eye contact with that thing? And then hold his eyes open and maybe put some toothpicks in there so he couldn't close them?"

"And we should point out that the separation of church and state comes from one of our most important founding documents, a letter from Thomas Jefferson," Stu facetiously remarks.

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