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I can't figure out why the Republican Party exists

Matt Walsh
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As you've heard, Republicans in Congress agreed to a $1 trillion budget that doesn't fund the wall or reduce funding to sanctuary cities or cut basically anything that Trump said he wanted to cut or fund basically anything Trump said he wanted to fund. It does, however, continue funding Planned Parenthood.

Paul Ryan has made excuses for all of this, especially the Planned Parenthood part. He says that this bill isn't the best one for defunding. They have to do it another time. Later. Always later. Now's not the time. Now is never the time with these people. And, in the mean time, while we wait for this mythological "later" -- when Republicans will suddenly do all the things they've been promising for decades -- I guess we just have to deal with the fact that our money will be sent to line the pockets of abortion executives, and it won't be sent to build a wall. That's the way it has to be, they say. It's a compromise. A compromise where conservatives get nothing and liberals get everything. That kind of compromise.

Now, conservative voters are outraged by different aspects of this betrayal to varying degrees, but, for me, the continued funding of Planned Parenthood is the most egregious and traitorous part of the whole thing. Call me crazy, but I have a rather serious problem with the "conservative" party deciding to fund the murder of children. The blood is on their hands now. They control the entire government yet they still can't manage to so much as end the corporate welfare payments to baby killers?

The most mind boggling thing is that there is no downside to defunding Planned Parenthood. If the unquestionable moral imperative is not enough to convince them, then what about the fact that only radical feminists would feel deeply offended that the richest and most profitable abortuary in the country has to financially fend for itself? Those people are never going to vote for Republicans anyway, under any circumstance, no matter how much sucking up they do, so where's the risk here? You may as well defund them. Your voters won't be mad about it. And, hey, maybe you'll save some babies from a brutal death! That's at least a minor added benefit, isn't it? But even though they risk nothing in doing it, and risk their soul in not doing it, still they won't. So, I ask: why does the Republican Party exist?

This is a rhetorical question, of course. I know the answer. It exists to be a theatrical and ineffectual foil for the Democrats. It exists to keep its special interests happy. It exists, most of all, for its own sake. That hasn't changed, and I doubt very much that it ever will.

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