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Media can't decide whether Trump is a powerful Twitter user or not

Buck Sexton

Emily Zanotti, a blogger and columnist for the The American Spectator, mentions the recent conversation about how Donald Trump maybe the most powerful Twitter user ever or the least powerful Twitter user. The media has decided because Trump tweeted about North Korea we are all going to end up in a nuclear war and the United States is just going to be a sea of green glass.

"When Trump stepped in to stop the House Republican committee from destroying the ethics board, suddenly they were like; 'It was not Donald Trump, Donald Trump didn't do this, he's the least powerful social media user we've ever seen, he makes no difference,'" Emily states.

She explains how later in that very same day, the media was back to believing Donald Trump was going to cause a nuclear war with just his phone and Twitter.

"It's an interesting dynamic that we've been watching of the media trying to decide whether they think Donald Trump is super powerful or if they think he's just a guy tweeting into the ether," Emily said.

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