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Muslims boycott, riot at Temple Mount following installation of metal detectors

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Here are the headlines from ZION news:

- Muslims are now boycotting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem compound, following the installation of new metal detectors and security cameras at the entrances to the Temple Mount.

- Another riot around the Temple Mount broke out last night over the new security measures installed at the Muslim entrances to the compound. The clashes led to the hospitalization of around 16 people, including two police officers.

- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s current visit to Hungary has so far been marked by protests from Jewish community leaders in Budapest. At the Hungarian Parliament, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban admitted that the Hungarian government had committed a "sin" against its Jewish citizens by failing to protect them in the 1940s.

- Ambassador Yosef Livne, Former Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand, came to the ILTV studio to discuss the prime minister’s current visit to Hungary.

- The Israeli Defense Force released two videos it says shows Hezbollah operating on the border, in violation of resolution 1701. Israel says the Iran-sponsored Shiite group has been gathering intelligence on the Israeli border through a front group posing as an environmental NGO.

- On Tuesday, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Ming announced China's four point proposal that he says will "indirectly promote" the political settlement of the Palestinian issue through economic and social development.

- Israel Defense Force's Chief Education Officer has ordered that from now on, only uniformed soldiers will be able to give other soldiers tours of the West Bank.

- The United States State Department is "noting the importance" of clarifying the circumstances of attorney Alberto Nisman's death who was set to present evidence on the Argentinian government's role in the cover up of the Amia bombing in Buenos Aires.

- Ehud Dinerman, ENTR Business Unit Managing Director, spoke at the ILTV studio about Israeli company ENTR's smart door-lock solutions.

- Prince William and Kate visited a Nazi concentration camp as part of a good-will tour across Poland and Germany.

- El Al has expanded its in-flight menus to include 15 new options designed to accommodate the various health needs and preferences of its customers, from vegan and vegetarian options to gluten free and low sodium meals.

- Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "tafrit," which means "menu"

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