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New global malware attack holds computers ransom worldwide -- including at Chernobyl

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Another major cyberattack has hit companies around the world, affecting the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a British ad agency and multiple firms in Ukraine.

Experts believe the malware is exploiting the same weaknesses that WannaCry used to infiltrate UK hospital systems, FedEx and other organizations last month worldwide, the BBC reported. The ransomware resembles Petya, similar malware that appeared last year but seems to be something new; a Russian cybersecurity firm has named it “NotPetya” to distinguish the two attacks.

People whose computer systems have been held hostage have paid around $3,500 in Bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet associated with the malware, but the blackmailing hackers have reportedly not been able to access the wallet after an email provider blocked the connected email address. Users whose computers are hit with the malware get "instructions" telling them where to send $300 in Bitcoin.

Jeffy Fisher shared the story during “Jeffy Time” on Tuesday’s “Pat & Stu.” Stu Burguiere wondered how the rise of digital currency like Bitcoin will be affected by future malware attacks.

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