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Not just truck drivers: Here’s why everyone should worry about robots taking jobs

Jeff Fisher
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As technology rapidly advances, people in every industry should be looking at how artificial intelligence will affect their field.

AI in self-driving cars will not only replace human truck drivers, but will also reduce the need for insurance and emergency medical services personnel because the roads will be so much safer, author Nigel Cameron asserted on this week’s episode of “The Jeffy Fisher Show.”

Cameron recently published the book “Will Robots Take Your Job?: A Plea for Consensus,” which explores what the future will look like when nearly every industry is disrupted by robots.

“I don’t understand why people aren’t getting worried,” he said.

Political leaders should be looking for solutions now instead of waiting until millions of people are replaced by machines. In the next five to 10 years, the trucking industry will likely implement autonomous vehicles, putting human drivers out of work. Using Census Bureau data, NPR found in 2015 that truck driving is the No. 1 job in the majority of states.

While the loss of truck-driving jobs could be devastating, one possible upside is safety. Because humans aren’t safe drivers, self-driving trucks will likely mean fewer road deaths each year.

“It’s not going to be that hard for computers to be better than we are,” Cameron noted.

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