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Rabbi Lapin: Never-Trumpers are still making idiots of themselves one year later

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Secular Liberal Derangement Syndrome, as Rabbi Daniel Lapin calls it, is an unfortunate mental disorder that still -- even a year after the presidential election -- afflicts a few hardheaded leftists who still cling to the idea of a Trump-free America.

"There is still that crown of never-Trumpers who after a year are still grumbling and complaining, and still rather ridiculously making idiots of themselves talking about 'the resistance' and 'when we impeach him,'" asserted Rabbi Lapin in his latest podcast. "All of this stuff is going on and on, while the bottom line is something that James Carville made famous ... Carville, if you'll remember, coined the phrase 'It’s the economy, stupid.'"


It would seem that Carville's 1992 campaign message still holds true today.  When the economy is strong, nobody seems to care about much else, as was evident during the Clinton administration. According to Rabbi Lapin, when a pragmatic business professional is in charge, rather than a pompous politician, we shouldn't be surprised if the economy thrives and more people prosper.

Listen to the excerpt from the show above, or find the entire podcast here.

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