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Reporter: Here's what you may not have known about efforts to stop Trump after the election

Mike Opelka
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The 2016 presidential election was not the first to suffer from a question of validity. In his book “Tainted By Suspicion,” White House correspondent and former TheBlaze writer Fred Lucas explores the history of disputed elections since the founding of the United States.

He joined Mike Opelka on “Pure Opelka” today to discuss the last presidential election, for which he’s had to write an addendum to his book entitled, “The Plot to Stop Trump.”

The new chapter primarily covers the effort to invalidate the election results between November 2016 and the inauguration. Jill Stein, the Green party candidate in 2016, ended up raising three times more money to get a recount going than she did for her whole presidential campaign.

The Hamilton Electors worked to push members of the Electoral College to change their votes for Donald Trump. According to Lucas’ research, both their and Jill Stein's efforts received quiet support from Hillary Clinton's legal team.

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