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Seaborne Iron Dome fully operational, Israel is ready with next-gen defense

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3 dead in Tel Aviv building explosion

Three people are dead and another is seriously injured following a massive explosion in Jaffa, Tel Aviv.


Controversial bill clears major Knesset hurdle

A controversial new bill has just cleared a major hurdle, and may very well soon become Israeli Law, which would outlaw Police from recommending criminal indictments to the Attorney General on any current and future investigations.


Seaborne Iron Dome fully operational

As Terror groups acquire long range missiles, Israel ready with Next-Gen Defense.


First Female Tank Unit set to deploy

13 female I.D.F. Soldiers drive their tank right on through the glass ceiling.


Iranian wrestler throws match to avoid Israel

Athletes from Foreign Islamic Nations like Iran are forbidden from playing against Israeli challengers in competitions.


Using our Tech for good

Galya Halaui, Co-Founder & Managing Director of A+ Kids speaking at ILTV Studios about how A+ Kids is trying to change the way children use their Iphones, Ipads and Tablets by turning them into learning tool.


Israeli camera enters the final frontierThe cutting-edge “Vuze” camera developed in Israel has just been launched into orbit to help film a National Geographic Documentary for the Oscar-Nominated Jewish filmmaker.


Israeli court shuts down Uber taxi services

The popular ride-sharing service known as ‘Uber’ currently runs in an estimated eighty-four countries around the world, but an Israeli court has just ruled that Israel will officially not be one of them.


Climate change bringing foreign birds to roost

Hula Lake is becoming a permanent home for some of the Flocks because climate change is now making migration impossible for countless species of birds.

Israeli Gigi Cosmetics celebrates 60 years

Ms. Yvonna Krugliak, Brand Ambassador at Gigi Cosmetics talking at ILTV Studios about how Gigi is changing the face of the cosmetics industry.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get engaged

President Rivlin invites Royal Couple to honeymoon in the Holy Land.


Israeli Musician featured in Apple music advert

Electronic artist Noga Erez’s music has just been featured in an Apple music advertisement.


The Jerusalem Jewish film festival is coming

The 19th Annual Cinema celebration is taking place this year on December 16-21, where you could find a sneak peek into what could potentially be the year’s next big film.


Hebrew word Of The Day: ME-ARAH | מְעָרָה = CAVE

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Me-Arah" which means "Cave."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy with scattered showers in select areas and a low of about fifty-seven or fourteen degrees Celsius. Tomorrow you can expect more chances for rain in the north and along the coast with little change in temperatures and a high of about seventy-two or twenty-two degrees Celsius.

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