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Small town forces homeowner to take down political sign -- now the ACLU is suing

Mike Opelka
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Mike Opelka welcomed Kathleen MacRae, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Delaware, to "Pure Opelka" today. The ACLU is taking Milton, Delaware to court to uphold a citizen's right to free speech.

Penny Nickerson, a retired civics teacher, put up signs on her front lawn saying "Love trumps hate" and "Women’s Rights = Human Rights." The town of Milton told her that the signs had to come down because they were political.

She complied and took the signs down, then wrote letters to Milton's attorney saying she has the right to put up the signs under the First Amendment. The town attorney disagreed, so she turned to the ACLU. MacRae said they communicated with the town, but made no progress, so they are taking them to court.

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