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States band together to fight EPA energy regulations

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Last Sunday on "The Jacki Daily Show," Jacki spoke with Kristen Cartmill, Communications Specialist at R&D Pipe Company in Spring, Texas about Texas Energy Day, which was March 22.

Information on fracking, oil production, and other Texas energy concerns was provided, with emphasis on independent energy production. This is the first time the event was held in Austin.

Regulations are easier for large corporations to work with, while independent energy producers find it far more difficult to comply. Cartmill said that 20 states are putting together lawsuits against the EPA to fight regulations they consider onerous. Jacki asserted that the concept that energy is under-regulated is an "outrage."

According to Kristen, she and a group of ladies began about four years ago to encourage women to work in the industry. Now that Twitter is a major driver of news and information, they employed the hashtag #TalkTexasOil, which "trended" because so many users were sharing their energy concerns on the popular social media site.

Cartmill noted that anyone can learn more by following @wtxec on Twitter, use the #TalkTexasOil or #TTOLive hashtags, and visit the Texas Energy Day website, where you can also send letters to your representatives encouraging energy production and jobs.

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