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Technology and new thinking is changing the way people will get food and other daily necessities

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The way we think about and obtain one of life’s necessities, food, is changing almost as fast and as much as technology. From delivery by drone to wandering around a shop with a glass of wine, grocery shopping is changing as fast as Silicon Valley can respond to customer demands.

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru, told Mike Opelka about a number of food innovations on today's "Pure Opelka." Food isn't just sold in supermarkets and restaurants any more. He reported that 40 percent of those who go to Swedish furniture giant Ikea go just to have something to eat. They are now testing stand-alone restaurants.

Supermarkets from other countries are also making their way to the United States. German chain Leidl just opened a location in North Carolina, and Aldi's -- which is affiliated with American favorite Trader Joe's -- is popping up in various communities as well. Lempert said both chains offer 90 percent private label store brands, which adds up to a 50 percent lower price.

The most exciting food business development, however, is online retail behemoth Amazon taking over Whole Foods. Jokingly referred to by even fans of the store as "Whole Paycheck,” prices are expected to come down significantly under Amazon's business model and extensive delivery deployment network. 

Lempert said that there's a lot of "new, smart, cool talent" coming into food creation and marketing with "Silicon Valley influence and intelligence." Instead of paying $9.99 for your gluten free pasta, maybe a drone can deliver it for half that?

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