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Ted Cruz comes to defense of Jeff Sessions, backs his record on hate crimes

Pat and Stu

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere discuss the recent news surrounding Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who spoke out in support of Donald Trump's nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, during the latter's Senate confirmation hearings. Cruz came to Sessions' defense amid numerous accusations that Session has exhibited racist behavior during his legal career.

"Ridiculous accusations of Sessions' racism. There's no evidence to support this other than, 'Some guy once said that he made a joke,' and there's no evidence of it," Stu says.

Stu plays a portion from a clip of Senator Cruz explaining his support for Sessions. "It's easy for people reading things on the internet to believe whatever's raised and passions get hot."

Cruz highlighted Sessions' prosecution of the KKK during his time as assistant United States attorney, including bringing civil rights charges against a pair of KKK members who were eventuality convicted of murdering a young black man in Mobile, Alabama; the civil case that later arose bankrupted the Klan in Alabama, forcing them to close their office and cease their official operations. Cruz issued a challenge to the news media to not cover the protesters who frequently interrupted the hearings, but rather to report on this particularly telling story of Sessions' pursuit of racial justice.

"Tell the story on the six-o-clock news about Jeff Sessions helping prosecute a Klansman who murdered an innocent African-American man and put him on death row and bankrupted him. ... That's a story that needs to be told," Cruz says.

"He challenged them to tell that story. They didn't pick up the challenge," Pat adds.

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