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‘The Circle’ shows a world where the government is always watching you

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Emma Watson and Tom Hanks star in “The Circle,” a sci-fi thriller intended to be a warning about privacy in the digital age that has bombed at the box office.

Steve Deace of Conservative Review recently wrote about the film to call it the “most conservative movie of 2017.” He talked about the film’s underlying conservative message Tuesday on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Deace started with a caveat: “The movie may be so bad that it was unintentional.” But that being said, “The Circle” shows how a progressive agenda with more and more control eventually “chokes the life out of civilization,” he explained.

In the film, Watson’s character starts working at a technology and social media company called The Circle. At first, she is seduced by the promises of a better world through the help of technology, but she eventually realizes the dangers of a corrupt government-business alliance that is always watching.

“A lot of Americans, a majority of Americans, have turned their backs on utopian schemes of progressivism,” Deace said. “They’ve realized this can’t deliver. Existentially, this can’t do what it promises to do.”

Deace pointed out the irony of liberal stars being part of a film that shows the inevitable downfall of big government that promises peace and prosperity as long as it controls your life and takes away your privacy.

“It really goes against their stated value system, so you can sense the conflict [in the film],” he said.

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