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The latest news from Israel: Jerusalem bans diesel vehicles in 2019

(Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Knesset strengthens hold over Jerusalem

The Knesset has just passed a new law that requires a two-thirds majority from the Knesset to approve giving away any part of Jerusalem in future peace deals with the Palestinians.


More fatalities reported Amidst Iran riots

Anti-Regime protests are ramping up in Iran, thousands of Iranian citizens have taken to the streets to protest the country’s crippling economic conditions.


I.D.F. retaliates to more Rocketfire

After a weekend of rocket fire from Gaza, another rocket has just been fired into Israeli territory. The projectile landed in an open field in southern Israel and no damage or injuries have been reported.


D.F. to raise draft age for Immigrant doctors

New legislation that raises the drafting age for immigrants with medical degrees was set to take effect on Monday, but due to major pushback, the law has yet to be enforced.


V.P. Pence visit still up for debate

American Vice President Mike Pence was set to visit Israel this month, but when his name was curiously left off the foreign ministry’s list of visitors, officials said his trip was delayed indefinitely due to ‘scheduling difficulties, ’ and Pence himself says otherwise.


Face tomorrow’s threats today at Muni-Expo 2018

Ari Steinberg, Vice President of The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel speaking at ILTV Studio about the 2018 Muni World Expo, that brings Innovative experts from around the world to discuss how to bring our cities up to digital speed.


Tel Aviv-Yafo named top tourist city

For the first time ever, the ‘Travel and Leisure’ magazine has named Tel Aviv-Yaffo as one of the ‘fifty best places to visit’ in 2018.


"Not-so-welcome" sign put up in Ramallah

Palestinian shoe store in Ramallah asks U.K. and U.S. tourists to offer ‘apologies’  for causing pain and suffering to the Palestinians before entering their store.


Israeli platform provides individualized tutoring

Gil Segev, V.P. Sales at Proprep.com speaking at ILTV Studio about a new approach to education by ‘professional preparation’ videos that are customized to each client within 48 hours.


Jerusalem bans Diesel vehicles in 2019

Jerusalem has just decided that it will ban all large vehicles that run on diesel gas from the city center.


Uber-chubby hedgehog finds new home

An extremely chubby and totally adorable Hedgehog named Sherman is set to join Israel’s Ramat Gan safari.


Get in shape with the ‘West’ program

Ori Sela, Hydrotherapy Expert & Owner of Water World speaking at ILTV Studio about the new Rehabilitative Hydrotherapy Technique developed by ‘Water World’.


Ancient ‘Governor’s seal’ found in Jerusalem

Archeologists already think they might’ve found the biggest discovery of the year. A small clay seal has just been unearthed near the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which historians now believe proves the biblical claim that ancient Jerusalem had Governors.

Hebrew word Of The Day: KIPOD | קפוד = HEDGEHOG

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Kipod" which means "Hedgehog"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers, and a low of fifty four, or twelve degrees Celsius. But tomorrow the skies are expected to clear up, with a slight rise in temperatures to a high of about sixty-five, or eighteen degrees Celsius.

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