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The Obamas’ luxurious lifestyle demonstrates liberal hypocrisy

Pat and Stu
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Since they left the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama have been seen traveling in luxury. Their latest decadent escapade was reportedly spending time on a huge yacht with the likes of Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and Bruce Springsteen.

“Mr. and Mrs. Income Inequality, standing on a 450-foot yacht,” Stu Burguiere described on Tuesday’s “Pat & Stu.”

Stu noted that the upsetting thing isn’t that the Obamas have money; it’s that they are allowed to preach a liberal agenda of "income inequality" while living in luxury. Yet they are somehow being praised as middle-class type people:

“[The Obamas do] the most rich guy activity in world history … what happens if a Republican who preached nonstop about moral values was seen at a strip club? That’s the same thing that’s happening here.”

To illustrate the media adulation for the Obamas, Stu read a fawning story from Yahoo about Michelle Obama’s hairstyles and the couple’s vacation time as Pat Gray and Jeffy Fisher groaned.

As Jeffy pointed out, the media doesn’t complain about Michelle Obama’s vacations, but they freaked out when First Lady Melania Trump wore $1,150 shoes.

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