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The UN accuses North Korea supplying Syria with chemical weapons

Chung Sung-Jun / Staff / Getty Images

Here are the top stories from ZION news:

- After a five-day manhunt across Europe, Spanish police fatally shot the main suspect in Barcelona’s terror attack. The suspect was a twenty-two year Moroccan who grew up in the Catalonian community of Spain.

- President Donald Trump is renewing the United States involvement in the war in Afghanistan and committing four thousand additional American troops.

- The United Nations is accusing North Korea of violating international sanctions, and putting chemical weapons directly in the hands of Syria.

- Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and Founder of The Truth About Israel, spoke at the ILTV studio to discuss the ongoing issues in Syria.

- Egypt is about to permanently re-open the Rafah border-crossing between Egypt and Gaza for the first time in three years.

- The Israeli Water Authority has announced that nearly three quarters of gas stations and storage tanks are leaking into Israel’s groundwater.

- In a student exchange program overseen by the U.N., ninety-one kids were granted permission by Israel to leave Gaza for a five-day summer camp program in Jerusalem.

- Artist and curator for the Ben Ami gallery Johanan Herson spoke at the ILTV studio about the gallery in south Tel Aviv.

- A message in a bottle written by a couple vacationing in the Greek islands was caught by a fisherman in Gaza.

- Air Canada posted an Instagram post with a picture of Tel Aviv and received backlash, including anti-Israel responses.

- Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "hoda'ah," written הודעה, which means "message."

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