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This is the extreme measure rich men are going to for 'consequence free' fun this summer

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Elective surgery always catches Mike Opelka's attention, but today on "Pure Opelka," it wasn't elven body augmentation or Botox that captured his imagination. The New York Post reported this weekend that the hot new procedure for rich and/or beautiful New York men is the vasectomy.

Wealthy Hamptons bachelors are "all going in for the snip," said Mike, to prevent themselves from getting in trouble from summer time affairs. Even those who split the cost and share a house for the summer are going under the knife so they don't need to rely on partner's use of birth control.

In New York, a judge can require a father to give 17% of his salary up to the first $400k to pay child support. These figures are not lost on attractive New York women looking to "trap" a man with a child.

Dr. David Schusterman, a midtown Manhattan urologist, said: "I never see a poor guy [asking] for a vasectomy,” he added. “Rich guys are a population that’s abused a lot."

The procedure could save some men millions of dollars, though this is an extreme and permanent method to avoid marriage or child care, with potential implications for future biological diversity.

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