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Trump psychosis set in

Buck Sexton
Anti-Trump demonstrators gather outside the Rider Jet Center ahead of a rally with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on April 24, 2016, in Hagerstown, Md. (MOLLY RILEY/AFP/Getty Images)

Today on The Buck Sexton Show, Buck discusses what he calls Trump psychosis, which he says is setting in.

Also, Donald Trump's infrastructure plan, which is said to rely entirely on private financing and seems to be somewhat unclear, is making waves.

And, of course, Buck tackles the latest on the blanket of anti-Trump protests around the nation.

"Of course there's this loud internet fringe, but generally speaking you look at the white working class vote that came out for Trump, it was the different maker in this election and are they really to be blamed and to be spoken down to because the Democratic Party doesn't care about them and they don't get to be a part of any cool group?" Buck said.

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