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Zuhdi Jasser at CPAC: America's greatest threat? We have no 'offense

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PODCAST: “Reform This!” — Time for an American Offense

This week Dr. Zuhdi Jasser broadcasts from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor Maryland. One year into the Trump administration and we’ve finally moved beyond the arguments about what we call 'Islamist terror.' Dr. Zuhdi discusses Western strategy in the war against global Jihad and Islamism. He makes a point early on discerning the difference between various radical Islamic soldiers, while also making an analogy regarding drug use in our world.

Ultimately, the problem is that many of these radicals are developing an identity as a result of several things: victimization, poverty, family situation, and maybe even psychological issues. Is there a link between terrorism and poverty? Dr. Zuhdi finally puts that notion to rest.

Also, check out Dr. Zuhdi at CPAC below:

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