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JASON WHITLOCK: 'Democrats kicked black Christians out a long time ago'

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

'When are we going to wake up?'

If isolation were an Olympic sport, the Democrat party is going for the gold.

TheBlaze contributor Delano Squires joined "Fearless" host Jason Whitlock to address how Democrats are willing to kick out people like Glenn Greenwald and Joe Rogan for daring to disagree with one of the ever-changing woke political issues.

"They are kicking Glenn Greenwald out of the group. He is gay and married to a man. They are kicking Joe Rogan out of the group. He thinks Michelle Obama should be the president. When are black people, particularly those with any biblical values, going to realize you were kicked out of [the Democrat Party] a long time ago?" Jason asked. "When are we going to wake up?"

Catch the full podcast here.

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