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Twitter mob attacks Rob Schneider, misses his point about mob insanity — but Schneider gets last laugh
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Twitter mob attacks Rob Schneider, misses his point about mob insanity — but Schneider gets last laugh

'We've come out of a time where people get burned at the stake for what they believe ... this is a step back into that darkness'

"Saturday Night Live" alum Rob Schneider dominated the trending topics on Twitter this week after sharing an emotional story on "The Glenn Beck Podcast" to illustrate how our country is taking a "step back into that darkness" and why he is "willing to lose it all" to fight for his "children and the country they're going to live in."

Schneider could have stayed a Hollywood liberal, with all the privileges that entails, or at least stayed silent. But instead, he chose to speak out and push back against the "stranglehold" of the Democratic Party after seeing "that it was no longer protecting the rights of the individual."

"Are you willing to lose it all for what you believe? Glenn asked Schneider.

"Absolutely," Schneider answered. "Because if we don't have it, then we have nothing. ... I don't care about my career any more. I care about my children and the country that they're going to live in," he added.

"My hope is this. My hope is a beautiful story from a chaplain in England," Schneider explained.

"When the American flyers came over in the early days of World War II ... their friends were getting blown out of the sky. They would go over in the bombers and half would come back or two-thirds would come back ... and there was one particularly awful week or two weeks where there was a very high percentage of these pilots getting blown out of the sky."

"They went to the Air Force Chapel, and a pilot said 'Our friends are dying. Why should we do this?' [...] The chaplain ... said, 'Humanity has come out of the dark ages. We've come out of where people get burned at the stake, people believe and people go along with this. There's a darkness that we have come out of into more of an enlightened period, a freer period. [...] This is a step back into that darkness. It is the darkest parts of humanity, and we need to stand up for that now. And that requires this.' So they all flew."

Schnieder went on to add, "I do feel a sacrifice that's required, and we gotta do it because we were lucky, man, we grew up in a boom time in America."

A video clip posted on Twitter has been viewed nearly 2 million times as of this writing. Some people, such as the Daily Wire's Gina Carano, actually watched the just-over-two-minute video and thus understood what Schneider was saying. "I’ll fly with ya,” tweeted the former "Mandalorian” actress.

Predictably, the ignorant liberal mob did what ignorant liberal mobs do, grabbing their virtual torches and pitchforks and joining the echo chamber of unhinged, unoriginal mockery. Some "roasted" Schneider's career, others got hung up on whether or not he's a Trump supporter (because absolutely everything is still about former President Donald Trump and apparently will be until the end of time), and a few even decided to drag Adam Sandler into the fracas for no other reason than the two comedians are friends and "frequently work together."

Schneider responded on Wednesday by tweeting a photo of the crowd at his stand-up comedy show, complete with the caption: "I prioritize supporting a country that provides the same Freedoms for my children that made my career possible. This legacy to me is more important to me than the next chapter of my career. Love, Rob."

Watch the full episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" with Rob Schneider below.

NOTE: Rob Schneider discussed some verboten topics, so portions of this video podcast have been edited to comply with YouTube's "community guidelines." For the full, uncensored version of this episode where free speech is still allowed, watch it on BlazeTV.

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