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Small Business Criminals: COVID Tyranny Rises AGAIN

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If you thought the worst of the pandemic was over, think again. With the surge of the Delta variant comes a surge of the other virus that devastated America last year: government tyranny.

The Left is demanding more masks. More vaccine mandates. More lockdowns. But if you don't comply, you're considered dangerous. The Department of Homeland Security issued a new terrorism warning for extremists who disagree with "potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States." Never mind the actual terrorists that President Joe Biden just allowed to retake Afghanistan and seize billions of dollars' worth of U.S. military equipment. The real threat is all those pesky American citizens who are fed up with the government trampling on their rights and on the very thing that made America what it is: our entrepreneurial spirit.

Tonight on "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck heads to ground zero in the battle against government control — California — where small business owners aren't just fighting fines and regulations, they're fighting possible jail time.

Glenn asks why they continue to hold the line for freedom almost two years into the pandemic. But they're not alone. Thousands of small businesses around the country now have to make that same decision: Will they return to living in a state of fear, where no matter whether they obey or step out of line, it's game over? Or will they say, "We will not comply" — before it's too late?

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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