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Ukraine quid pro quo: Was Trump acting in the national interest? Was Biden?

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The answers to these questions are clear

Democrats and the mainstream media are doing their best to convince Americans that President Donald Trump betrayed the nation by asking the Ukraine president to dig up dirt on his 2020 political opponent, Joe Biden.

At the same time, they insist that then-Vice President Joe Biden was only acting in the nation's best interest when he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid if Ukraine leaders didn't derail an investigation into widespread corruption involving Biden's son, Hunter, in 2016.

During a special program on BlazeTV Wednesday, Glenn Beck had a few key questions that he said the White House, and anyone else who cares about the truth, should be asking as the impeachment inquiry against President Trump goes forward.

  • Was it in the national interest to find out if Russia tried to influence the 2016 election?
  • Was it in the national interest to find out if Trump colluded with Russia to hurt the DNC candidate?
  • Did the fact that the DNC might have benefited from the Russia investigation mean we shouldn't have pursued this national interest?
  • Would the fact that Trump might benefit from a Ukraine investigation mean we shouldn't pursue this national interest?
  • Which is more in line with America's national interests?:

A.) Withholding additional funds until the recipient country:

      1. Tracks down $7 billion in U.S. aid that went "missing"
      2. Investigates governmental corruption and foreign agents influencing U.S. elections
      3. Finds out if politicians are colluding with foreign governments to steal from the American treasury


B.) Withholding U.S. aid unless the recipient country stops investigations.

"The answers to these [questions] are very clear," Glenn said. "Unless you just can't stand it, unless you have a reason, a visceral, emotional feeling of 'I just want this guy [Trump] out!' Then this logic goes out."

Watch the video below to hear Glenn dismantle the media lies and misinformation about what's really going on in Ukraine.

Watch the full special, "Democracy DOES Die in Darkness," on BlazeTV or YouTube.

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