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Mark Levin: 'It's utterly unrelated, you damn fool!'

Mark Levin: 'It's utterly unrelated, you damn fool!'

MSNBC compares Republican views to the war in Ukraine

When it comes to hating America, the kings of the left-wing media reside at MSNBC. Need proof? Mark brings the goods as Ali Velshi spews his Marxist propaganda while smearing America and Israel.

You have probably noticed that the people who hate America tend to hate Israel. People on the hard left, whether in the media, the Democratic Party, or academia, hate Israel. They won't call it anti-Semitism, but that's what it is. The standards that they apply to Israel, the attacks on Israel, they don't apply to any other free democratic country on the face of theEarth: France, Britain, Spain, or Germany.

On this episode of LevinTV, Mark reviewed a clip from MSNBC journalist Ali Velshi. In this clip, Velshi said he would soon leave Ukraine with a "heavy heart," primarily because of the suffering he witnessed there.

Velshi claimed he was deeply inspired by the Ukrainians he encountered and that they "showed the world what an existential fight for democracy looks like." At the beginning of the war, Velshi decided to concentrate on the many aspects of the war in Ukraine and brought viewers less coverage of other "important U.S. stories."

Now, brace yourself for what Velshi says next. According to Velshi, his MSNBC colleagues "did an incredible job staying on top of those important stories" and "holding power to account."

Velshi listed the other "important stories": "The continued attacks on voting rights; abortion rights; gay rights; trans rights, and the ongoing brazen attempts to subvert American democracy" and said those stories are "not unrelated to the basic rights under attack in [Ukraine's] fledgling democracy."

"It's utterly unrelated, you damn fool!" Mark exclaimed. "The Ukrainians are being slaughtered. There's genocide taking place, and atrocities of the worst kind."

Mark explained that Ukraine, in reality, more reflects and resembles Republican/conservative views on culture, morality, and governance than the radical left point of view.

Then, Velshi likened the Israeli government to countries like Afghanistan, Syria, China, Myanmar, and India.

"Unbelievable," Mark said. "To throw Israel in with Syria, Afghanistan, and Myanmar? Are you kidding me? [Israel] is an open society. They have a free press, a judicial system, and an opposition party."

"This guy dares to include Israel in his list of tyrannical totalitarian countries, and he attacks Republicans, conservatives, and Israelis while standing there, in Ukraine," Mark said. "Shameful and shameless. What goes on on this network, MSNBC, is disgusting."

Watch the clip for more details.

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