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Levin: Narco-terrorist state on our southern border

Levin: Narco-terrorist state on our southern border

Four U.S. Citizens were kidnapped by a violent Mexican drug cartel, and it has since been found that two of those citizens were brutally murdered. The other two have been found alive.

The citizens were not in Mexico buying illegal drugs. One was going for a tummy tuck, and the others were going to buy prescription drugs at a cut rate.

They were almost immediately over the border from the U.S. and were kidnapped right away.

According to Mexican authorities, the citizens found alive will be given medical treatment, and once they are deemed healthy enough to travel, they will be brought back to the United States.

While this kidnapping is terrifying and raises serious questions about the safety of our border, the Biden administration has been nothing but weak on the matter.

Mark Levin says, “Joe Biden should give a couple of minutes' speech to the nation, and he should have directed his anger at the cartels and told them, ‘You return every one of those Americans alive, or we’re going to destroy your compounds with our jets and we’re going to do it in 24 hours.’ But he didn’t do that.”

Levin remarks that “a lot more questions do remain,” and “rather than bringing [the cartel members] back here for trial, we should send a team in there and take them out. We need to figure out who they are, and there are ways to do that.”

He continues, saying, “If we don’t take a pound of flesh here — and I’m very serious about this — you’re going to see more and more of this take place. So, let’s be clear. We now have a narco-terrorist state on our southern border.”

So, why isn’t the president doing more to combat this?

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that “tens of thousands of men, not just a few here and there, they’re pouring into our country over our border because of Joe Biden’s policies. These narco-terrorists have a presence now in all 50 of our states. Every single metropolitan area and he’s created a situation — Joe Biden — where this situation in Mexico has become an American situation.”

Levin says this is a “war” that our current administration has helped expedite and facilitate.

Which is, of course, a problem all its own. When it’s your own government's doing, how does your country stop it?

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