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Levin: Why we MUST dismantle the FBI


Rather than serving the American people, the FBI seems to be serving the Democratic Party — and Mark Levin is fed up.

“When we have Republican presidents, they sabotage the Republicans. They’ll investigate them. They’ll leak against them. When we have Democrat presidents, you don’t see that kind of behavior,” Levin explains.

Levin believes that the Durham report is a perfect example of this.

“This report right here, the Durham Report, is actually very, very important because it gives the official seal to what is the American Stasi at every step of the way.”

He says the “FBI ignored evidence, did not get corroborating evidence, had no evidence, did everything it could to protect Hillary Clinton, and did everything it could to destroy Donald Trump.”

Because of this and the Mueller investigation, Levin calls Trump “the greatest victim in American political history.”

“The Republicans on Capitol Hill need to understand this administration, this FBI, this Department of Justice is targeting them,” he says.

Levin mentions the whistleblower who claimed there was a document within the FBI’s possession that says Joe Biden took bribes — but the FBI still won’t submit to oversight.

“The FBI is no good; it’s gone rogue,” he says.

However, he believes that if the tables were turned and it were Donald Trump who allegedly took bribes, the bureaucracy would leak the document just as it did his tax returns.

“So, the FBI needs to have their budget slashed. It needs to be broken down and rebuilt,” Levin says.

But, Levin says, “the Democrats are perfectly fine with a Stasi because it’s their Stasi. The New York Times, the Washington Post, you know. What are they going to do, turn back their Pulitzers?”

“They’re perfectly fine with the Stasi too. It is only we conservatives anymore who believe in civil liberties. Trust me on this, it’s true.”

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