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Mark Levin slams the Left's hypocrisy over Maxine Waters’ 'get more confrontational' remarks


Levin is FIRED UP!

George Floyd's death was the fuse that lit the fires engulfing our nation in protests. The Marxist left has seized this opportunity to tear our country apart, claiming the U.S. is "systemically racist" and protests are "mostly peaceful" even as our cities burn.

Now, in the wake of Daunte Wright's shooting and the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd, California left-wing Rep. Maxine Waters (D) enters the fray. Filled with disregard for the rule of law, she sought to intimidate the George Floyd jury to secure a guilty verdict by encouraging the crowd to "get more confrontational" if they didn't get their way.

On this episode of "LevinTV," Mark contended that Rep. Waters and Democrats aren't motivated by racial injustice or equality. It's all a conspiracy to tear down the country, destroy support for law enforcement, disarm Americans, and take total control, he argued.

Watch the video below for more from Mark Levin:

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