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Levin: Biden makes us look WEAK

Levin: Biden makes us look WEAK

“The Biden family were a tremendously good investment for the Chinese Communist Party,” says Mark Levin, host of “LevinTV.”

Given the suspicious activities of the Biden family over the years, it is very convenient that the patriarch is now in control of the Department of Justice. They’ll never be investigated so long as they remain in office. The Chinese know this.

Russia, China, and North Korea also know that the Biden administration is weak as well as corrupt. The combination makes for a sorry excuse for a presidency.

“The Biden administration is causing havoc with our allies and enemies,” Levin said.

Biden chose not to speak to the American people about the Chinese spy balloon incident and, instead of taking out the piece of equipment immediately, let it meander over nuclear sites. The president made a fool of himself and the nation as he handled this incident.

“You have a man who is now ideologically committed to the kind of foreign policy Joe Biden has really always been committed to, which is weakness,” said Levin.

On the border, in relations with China and Russia, and in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has made his weakness obvious. Now our enemies are beginning to exploit that in more obvious ways.

“When the other side is being aggressive, when the other side is violating your airspace then lying about it, when the other side is building up its military in order to defeat you economically and militarily, you don’t keep reaching out and beg them for attention,” Levin said.

Levin is right. At every turn, Biden has given our enemies full confidence that America is not the power it used to be, or that it could be under the right leadership.

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