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Behold, the first generation of adults demanding fewer rights

Louder with Crowder

Behold, the first generation of adults demanding fewer rights.

University of Nevada Reno students walked out of class on Monday to protest the university repealing its mask mandate. Faculty members joined students and expressed their disapproval and issued the following statement:

“As an institution of higher learning, it is a responsibility within our educational mission to provide an environment where perspectives and experiences are shared safely, with respect, and with a thorough understanding of points of view which sometimes may differ ... [Monday’s] demonstration was an example where there was an exchange of ideas and constructive, peaceful action regarding public issues.”

Steven Crowder poked fun at the spectacle and pointed out the insanity of watching college students push back against the freedom to mask or not to mask. Watch the clip to hear more from Steven. Can't watch? Download the podcast here

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